Words by Musa Msweli
House Manager Zuka House & Gladstones

Food insecurity is a reality for many South African households with approximately 50% of households living below the poverty line and unable to afford food for basic healthy eating.

The spread of the 2020 global Covid-19 pandemic across South Africa added pressure to vulnerable households as they faced temporary or permanent employment interruptions. In addition, the primary care givers of these households had more mouths to feed with children that previously benefited from the national school feeding programme.

From the outset, and through the lockdowns of Covid-19, Zuka Private Game Reserve, responded to what quickly became the most urgent needs of our surrounding communities: food and personal protection.

We put our human resources, funding and donations in to compiling, transporting and distributing much needed food parcels, masks, sanitisers and essentials.

During these critical months, Zuka Private Game Reserve delivered these essentials to 10,500 people in urgent need of assistance in KwaNgwenya and Mnqobokazi.

Our gratitude to all who participated, for your kind and generous support.