It is estimated Tembe Elephant Park, situated in northern Zululand, is home to the largest concentration of Big Tuskers anywhere in Africa.

Although these giants once roamed freely across the Pongola River between South Africa and Mozambique, in 1989 as a result of frequent poaching incidences in Mozambique, a fence was erected to contain the elephant population within the Tembe Park.

A 30,000 hectare reserve limiting them, their population grew to such an extent that Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, the custodians of the Tembe Elephant Park, took the decision to relocate a number of bulls and small family groups to other reserves within South Africa.

The Munywana Conservancy, seized the opportunity to help out with this relocation programme and in September 2020, two adult bulls (29 and 39 years old) arrived on the conservancy.

Since their introduction, these placid giants, fitted with GSM collars for monitoring, have settled into their new environment, integrating already with the existing herds bringing an additional gene pool and boosting our elephant population.

This success prompted the relocation of a further 11 animails from Tembe Elephant Park to the Munywana Conservancy in 2021 .

Tembe Elephant Park