2001 – 2021

Words by Jessica Getty


Thriving and beauteous in her perfection, she needs nothing from us.

We are called to be with her and to watch, witness, observe and learn. Nature is our axis that inspires an instinct to revolve around her and respond.

Zuka is our response.

Under our auspices since 2001, Zuka has an infinitely wide matrix of history before it and around it; angles, truths, humans and circumstances that account for and construct a different beginning before our own. For Tara and me, to put Zuka and our personal commitment in to context, 1990 is the rightful starting point to our story and the germination of what would birth 10 years later: Zuka Private Game Reserve.

Zuka is one of myriad examples around the world of the common point where humanity meets the natural world in order to protect her.

Every minute since 2001 has been filled with nature playing her role, there for us to coexist, to immerse in wonder. Simultaneously, every minute since 2001, has been filled with the best intentions from a vast human collective connected to Zuka. All those minutes have turned in to days and years threaded together bringing us to this place in time, 2021, where we allow ourselves a pause, to notice and celebrate.

We honour 20 years of this collective of human hearts, attributes and actions. These humans have been on board and held on tight over 20 years with tenacity, expertise, passion, kindness, willingness, loyalty and mercifully, a sense of humour!

2021 is our vantage point to look back, be here, notice Zuka quietly thriving and with gratitude and vigour, go onwards.